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5 Senior Pet Care Tips


Senior pets are unique in that they have some different health needs compared to their younger counterparts. As such, it is important to learn some valuable tips and work hand in hand with your local vet in order to keep them healthy and at least prolong their life. Of the many tips we shall discuss, diet is one of the factors we found to be very important and there are many foods you can buy formulated specifically for senior pets.

Many senior pet owners especially dog owners have reviewed several senior dog food brands and you can read some of the Zignature dog food review or any other dog food brand online to help you decide on the best option available for your dog. That said, let’s look at 5 tips to help you care for your senior pet: –

  1. Have regular health check-ups

With age come multiple health complications and taking your senior pet for regular check-up is very important. Your senior pet should at least visit the veterinarian twice each year to have a careful physical examination to determine whether there are any health complications requiring some attention. Senior dogs are especially prone to conditions such as arthritis, dental disease, kidney disease and heart disease among others.

  1. Create a conducive environment for your dog

Some of the health issues affecting your senior dog will require some special attention. A friendly atmosphere is necessary for your senior dog especially if it’s suffering from conditions such as arthritis and dental issues. The senior dog should enjoy easy movements and this will require you to provide it with stairs or ramps for easier access of beds and furniture.

  1. Keep a close eye of any behavioral changes

Senior pets do require close monitoring in order to detect any changes in behavior. Any changes you see could be a signal that your old friend is suffering from different illnesses and thus does require some medical attention. If you notice some cases of change in water consumption or appetite, make a point of visiting a vet. Other changes you are likely to see include irritation, sleep alterations and changes in bowel and urinary habits. If you notice any of these things, consult a vet.

  1. Provide the right diet

Diet plays a very important role in keeping your senior pet strong and healthy. As such, you should consider buying dog food specifically formulated for senior dogs as these are designed to meet specific nutrition needs in the dogs. You should check the different brands available and consider the ingredients used to see whether they are suitable for your dog. You can also read elaborate and genuine reviews including Zignature dog food reviews to see which diet would best work for your dog.

  1. Encourage movement

As your pet grows old, chances are that it’ll want to stay immobile especially if there are challenges involved with movements. However, you should encourage regular exercises to help keep the joints in a healthy condition while at the same time preventing them from becoming overweight. Exercises are also good for mental stimulation and should be scheduled just as is the case with human beings.

With these 5 tips, your senior dog can enjoy a healthy life and overcome the challenges that come with age. Always make sure to feed your dog with the right foods which should not encourage the increase in weight as this could lead to mobility challenges.