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7 Reasons Why You Must Go For A Trip


Thinking about it almost every day and yet continuing to live the same routine has now become a habit. And it consumes our peace, little by little and feeding on our frustration piece by piece. And when the mind affirms with the heart, a series of doubts yet again drowns the excitement that built itself up. So now, I have an article that is asking you, Yes I ask you, to take a break. A break from routine. A break from blurring away days. A break from work. And if you still ask me Why, then here you go.

1. Your memory has a lot of place to fit in more things.

Yes, the sweet memories that you have of the past will be there and only you have the key to its lock. But it shouldn’t stop you from having more of them. You have every moment ahead of you and it is all yours. Well, you need to have stories to tell your grandchildren right?

2. Sunsets are dying for you to look at it.

Yes, the sky, the stars, the constellations, the moon, they all exist for us. For us to admire them, and make them ours. And you have the right to own them too. When the sun is far away melting into the sky and the birds are chirping away into the nests with the breeze carrying them home, then, you’ll know what Sunsets are. And how they’ll always be.

3. The scenery exists for you to see it.
With the backpack when you stand and look at the old temple faraway in the background, only then will your eyes see the marvel of nature. Only then, do you see the same old things you watch everyday coming together and creating magic. Like a perfect painting that has everything beautiful and stunning.

4. The journey, the adrenaline are calling out to you.

Yes, the bus rides, the trains, the long walks are all calling out to you. The the very veins of your body that needs its rush to go out and explore is all calling to you. And listen to the calls, because they know what you want and they understand you.

5. The mind’s search for peace has to end.

With every passing day, your mind slowly wounds itself with the series of tensions and setbacks that form bands and chokes you out of its breath. It silently watches things and wishes to be free. And now it’s upto you to give it the freedom it seeks. To let it breath for the little time that you accompany your heart. Let it remain in peace.

6. Routine wants to see you return happily to its arms.

Yea, you have to return to your life after a few days of eternal peace and a baggage full of memories. And when you return, that relief, the happiness and a new profound outlook for life is what Routine wants to see in you. When you get happy, it finds it’s happiness that has no bounds. So, go for it.

7. The heart wants what it wants

Still you have doubts, then listen, I know that you secretly want to go and live out loud and it’s nothing to hide from anyone. So you go and book your tickets to that dream place and yes, smile. Because there is nothing that you get by depriving yourself from joy. Go for it. Hurry now!

Hello. Are you there? I know that you’re already searching places to go. But wait. The article has ended, and so I sincerely wish you the best of holidays you’ve ever had and write to me about your experiences.

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Happy Holidays… :-)