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Carpet Manufacturers in India: Adorning spaces with creations

Any space looks incomplete without beautiful floor decor and what better way to dress up your floors but with carpets. There are many varieties that independent manufacturers across the country offer.

Types of floor decor

Carpets are available in a variety of materials:

  1. Hand knotted woollen carpets

These carpets are intricately woven into classical Persian designs to the most modern motifs. Varied colours and closely knotted, these carpets add finesse to the most beautiful homes.

Carpet weavers work day and night to create a single carpet.

  1. Pure silk carpets

These carpets are made of 80 percent silk fibres and 20 percent cotton. Jammu and Kashmir is the leading state in creating silk carpets. These carpets are very soft to touch and provide warmth to any space.

  1. Synthetic carpets

Synthetic carpets have a feel of silk. They incorporate all traditional designs. Synthetic carpets are easier to maintain than pure silk carpets. They can be washed and they dry easily. These are the most popular carpets.

  1. Cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are also very popular. They are thinner than a normal carpet with intricate needlework.

Indian carpet manufacturers

Northern India boasts of many carpet manufacturers. Leading carpet manufacturers in India have a large infrastructure. The design department of these manufacturing units works on creating designs. They create designs first on a computer. The yarn is dyed to the desired colour and then machines do the weaving of the finalised design. Once the number of units is weaved, the inspection team inspects each piece for any errors. The approved lot is then ready to be transported.

The manufacturing units also have large showrooms to showcase their products.

Some manufacturing units may not be that large. These manufacturers cater to a small customer base. Such manufacturers have a team of weavers who weave by hand or use machines at certain stages of manufacturing. In such manufacturing units, individual client needs are also met. The only drawback of such small units is that the weavers are sometimes exploited and not paid highly.

Suppliers of carpets

Carpet suppliers in India bring carpets from various manufacturers across the country under one roof. They, therefore, have a greater variety in design and material and also have a wider price range. Customers can benefit from a supplier as they can get a wider range of designs and materials to choose from. They need not go to independent manufacturers.

Not only do suppliers cater to individual client needs, they also cater to bigger clients like hotels, restaurants, airlines, offices and others. They form a link between the manufacturer and the client.

Suppliers also bring together products of different manufacturers to showrooms and trade events. With the boom of the internet, suppliers have had to cater to websites too. They have found a surge in their business which has eventually led to benefitting the artist and the weaver.

Manufacturers and suppliers of carpets are promoting the art of weaving to make a bare space vibrant.