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How To Download Kmspico Activator From The Web

KMS Activator has over the past few years become one of the most popular activators for Windows and Microsoft Office products. The activator is a great product for you especially if you have no access to the original Windows products or have no activation key to help you validate your installed products. It is easy to use the activator and the greatest advantage is that you only need to do it once in a lifetime. However, it is important to first of all download the KMSPico activator to your computer or laptop in order to enjoy the benefits. Here is how you can download the activator from the web: –

Kmspico Activator Download Process

1. Before proceeding with the download, the first thing you should do is to disable your firewall and antivirus protection (this is only a temporary measure). The reason for this is that crack files are always interpreted as hacks by antivirus and thus cannot be downloaded successfully when the antivirus protection is on. It is however important to note that the activator is completely safe and free of any corrupt files especially when doanloaded from the official site.

2. Once this is done, search for the official KMSPico activator website which you can find by visiting the page directly or using a link from the site such as this one. The importance of downloading from the official site is because there are many infected versions of KMS activator and this is informed by the fact that the tool has become popular thus leading some malicious individuals to distribute corrupted files. Just avoid random downloads as these could contain viruses and malware. Remember already your antivirus is disabled and therefore you need a guarantee that your PC or laptop is safe.

3. Download and install the tool. Immediately this is done, KMSPico will automatically open or start. If you have ever installed the activator to your current laptop in the past, make sure it is uninstalled as this could prevent the new installed tool to open or work well.

4. Once this is done, click on the red button to activate your Windows. A message will show up indicating that your Windows has already been activated. The message simply indicates that your installation was successful and everything is done. You can then choose to reboot your laptop or PC to ensure that KMS activator had been installed properly and Windows activated successfully.

5. Once you have completed the installation, activate your firewall and antivirus. Some antivirus software will still detect the tool as a virus but this should not worry you as long as you downloaded the genuine version.

It’s good to note that windows activator tool is available for free. You can use it to activation the different versions of Office and Windows without paying for it.