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Kitchen Renovation Withstyle –A Step By Step Guide

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The kitchen has long ceased to be just a space for preparing the food. In fact, if your home were a solar system, this kitchen would be the sun itself. It is the place where you enjoy the coffee, where you read the news in the morning and where the whole family is together. By becoming a socializing space, the kitchen is now claiming aesthetics standards besides those that are functional.

To meet the challenge of upgrading or renovating your kitchen, you need to do what an interior designer would do. In this article, you will find the inspiration you need to decorate your kitchen in the style that represents you, regardless of its shape and size.

How to plan for renovation

Kitchen design is not an activity you can do from one day to the next;it involves more planning than you could imagine. You have to think about the kitchen style that would suit your home, look at all aspects of functionality, research work and inspiration, make realistic costs calculations and find the right professionals. All of this requires time and involvement on your part, but it will be much easier for you to finish the job if you have a well-established goal.

Redecorate or renovate?

It is crucial to know precisely what you expect from the process. Efforts to change furniture or household appliances differ from those that characterize the change of tiles, wall tiles, heating or electricity.

Besides, decorating with custom-made furniture or cladding with a unique heat-conductive ceramics can be more difficult than finding furniture and accessories available in stores. Establish in advance what changes you want to make in order to be able to estimate the costs and the execution time more efficiently. Read all about it here.

Use magazines and blogs for interior design, but do not hesitate to ask for advice from specialists. From architects and designers to artisans and sales counselors in specialized stores, every experienced person in the field can provide you with valuable information and cost optimization solutions, as well as recommendations regarding the use of available space according to your needs and desires.

The functionality is the element that will decisively influence your comfort in the kitchen. Before you have a kitchen worthy of the admiration of interior design specialists, you have to make it worthy of a chef’s respect.

Space layout is essential. The location of the washing machine in the vicinity of the water and drain connections, finding solutions for the worktop according to the dimensions of the room and the ergonomic configuration of the storage areas are just a few of the challenges you have to face.

Take into account the utilities, their size, and their optimal location according to their functions. If the dishwasher has to be located near the water and drain connections, the cooker should be placed in a place that allows more efficient ventilation. If you choose a refrigerator with a water dispenser, be sure to put it in such a way that it can be connected to the current water supply. Spaces for the kitchen robot, toaster, blender, espresso, and microwave oven must also be established before starting the work.

Concrete is the cheapest building material of resistance and, unlike wood or metal, does not require special treatments (flame retardant or antiseptic). Also, preparation and commissioning are easy on site, without the need for additional equipment. Find out all you need to know at sealwithease.com.

Choosing a style is another important aspect when you want to redecorate or renovate. Besides your personal preferences, you have to keep in mind the homogeneity with the design of the other rooms. A rustic kitchen will not find its place in a classic and elegant home, as a hi-tech kitchen will not fit with a vintage and romantic decor of the other rooms.

Establish a realistic budget

Establishing a realistic budget implies good market knowledge. Calculate what the renovation costs are by taking into account the dimensions of the room, the chosen materials and how they will be used.

Material prices vary from one manufacturer to another and from one distributor to another; even if the differences seem small initially, they can considerably reduce your final costs. The cost of the workpieces vary also; choose the team of craftsmen taking into account the quality-price ratio, the skills and the recommendations of those who have recently done similar fitting works.

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Placing flooring with natural rock is more costly than ceramic tiles, and the cost of wood furniture is higher than that of particleboard or MDF. If the size or shape of your kitchen is not standard, consider the extra expenses of designing furniture.

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Do not ignore the particular and personalized situations that could mean additional costs. For example, installing a diagonal sandstone requires the purchase of extra ceramic tiles of up to 30%.

If you want a complete kitchen renovation, but you cannot afford a one-stage arrangement, you can calculate the budget for each stage of the works. Start with the unseen things and leave the exterior for the last step to make the cost more efficient. Start step-by-step with the change of the electrical system, water and heating pipes, if necessary, continue with floor changes and wall renovations, followed by the replacement of the furniture and household appliances. The decorations are optional and will be chosen at the final stage of the design.