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Know Everything About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is also called knee arthroplasty and it is an operation that involves the replacement of the weight-bearing portion of the knee so that the patient is able to walk and lead a normal lifestyle once again. If all the non-surgical procedures failed and nothing else seems to work, then the only way out is to go for a knee replacement surgery. It will make everything fine once again and the patient will be doing everything without feeling any pain or discomfort.

It is a very common bone surgery that is being performed everyday all over the world. It cures from many problems and is pretty safe as well and that is why so many doctors prefer it all over the world. It has now become one of the most common surgical procedures that are performed on human beings and the rate is increasing every single day. It is one of the best operative procedures that can be used for getting relieved from pain.

Knee replacement best hospital in India states the main causes that lead to this surgery and they are: rheumatoid arthritis, accident, injury due to heavy physical activities, getting injured while playing any sports, haemophilia, gout, cartilage loss, bone dysplasias, avascular necrosis, Osteoarthritis, abnormal formation of knee, etc. These are the main reasons why knee replacement surgery is done. There are two kinds of knee replacement surgery that are mainly done- total knee replacement i.e. TKR and partial or half knee replacement i.e. PKR. They are done depending on the severity of the situation. Doctors try to avoid total knee replacement surgery, but in

Doctors try to avoid total knee replacement surgery, but in certain situation only total knee replacement will be able to make one perform their daily routine once again and can give back life to someone. Some other alternative surgeries are also done like osteotomy, mosaicplasty and arthroscopic washout. However, according to many doctors these are not as effective as knee replacement surgeries and that is why they prefer knee replacement more than the alternative options. There are also other kinds of knee replacement surgeries and they are kneecap replacement surgery and complex knee replacement. The artificial knee will be made of various materials like metal, plastic and ceramic. The operation will take place for like one or two hours.

The artificial knee will be chosen based on your height, activity level, age, gender (in some cases) and weight. This operation started in the 1970’s. The implants last for almost two decades. However, make sure that you have found the best knee doctor for yourself. He/she should be the best because you deserve the best. Juts talk to patients who have already went through this operation or check thoroughly the profile of the doctor and then only make your decision.

After the operation is over it is advised that patients stay within at home when their hospitalization period is over. They should take care of themselves in every way possible. Patients are not allowed to play any sports or do any such activity that can cause their delicate knee to get hurt once again. Physical therapy will help a lot in recovery.