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Medicines in Relation to Pregnancy

You would need to consider about probability of pregnancy when you are provided advice or a receipt pertaining to some medical prescriptions. During the course of pregnancy the mind-set towards a preparation changes. Oncology pregnancy medicine which was safe once upon a time becomes harmful to the baby. You cannot figure out which remedial measure is safe for a mother or the baby. If you are looking to change the medicine, then consult your doctor.

Some medicines could be taken for a short course of time and say for example medications for infection in pregnancy would be one of them. There are some long terms medicines for diabetes or high blood pressure which you would need to consume on a recurring basis. Some are perfectly normal to be consumed and help in the passing of pregnancy, whereas others if consumed can cause serious harm. So when you consume any medications during pregnancy ensure that it is safe for you and the baby. Some of the guidelines that you would need to follow for medicines during pregnancy are as follows

  • Safe sex should be practiced till you feel the desire to become pregnant
  • The medicines should be consumed as per the prescriptions
  • When the doctor goes on to prescribe a medicine( just inform him that the chances of being pregnant are high as you are looking for a baby)
  • Do not consume medicines prescribed on behalf of others or undertake a self-treatment mechanism on your own.
  • If you have any doubts it is always suggested to get in touch with a doctor

An alarming trend that will shock you is that nearly 2 % of inborn birth defects are caused due to wrong choice of medicines. Research also points to the fact that the wrong choice of a medicine can have an impact on the sperm of your partner as well. In this regard a category of medicines was formulated in 1979 by Pharmaceutical Company

  • Type A- remedies or medicines that is safe if pregnancy is being proved. Typical example would be vitamin
  • Type B- medicines that are depicted to be safe, and as per researches conducted on people along with animals. Example would be amoxicillin

It would be better on your part not to consume any medicines or be part of any form of medical treatment when you are pregnant. This could as soon as the period of conception to the end of pregnancy. All the tissues along with the organs of a baby start to emerge in the first trimester of pregnancy and at this point you would need to adopt a safety approach. Any harsh impact of medicines  or observations should be a strict no at this juncture. Your mind is going to be a lot relaxed if all these problems are solved well before hand.

Pregnancy is a stage where lot of physical along with hormonal changes take place in a mother. The worst part is that it passes on to the mother as well. So a balanced diet is the key.