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No Easy Ways To Apply Makeup

Applying makeup is not a very easy thing for all. Some may do it perfectly, while others can ruin them completely. So, women always try to find some basic tips regarding how to do a proper makeup.

Regular going out for work or going for a party needs a basic make up. So, to get daily makeup tips in Hindi; one can either consult the online websites or they can see the beauty magazines available.

Here are some regular tips on how to do your basic makeup.

Step to step makeup help

You need to follow these steps one by one so that you can get the process of how to do your daily makeup.

  • First of all you need to wash your face. Before applying any kind of makeup, you have to clean your face and get rid of all the dirt and oils. You can use a cleanser to do that. If you have oily skin, then it is good to use lukewarm water to wash the face. You can also use an oil free face wash and then pat your face dry. But remember; do not scrub your face dry. This will make your facial skin loosen over time.
  • Though it is not necessary to exfoliate your skin on an everyday basis, but doing it once in a week can help a lot. This helps in making your skin look fresh. If you try to put up makeup on a very dry and flaky skin, then it will fall off soon. Use a facial brush to do the exfoliation and always try to focus on those areas which tend to become more dry and flaky. You can also use a face mask to keep your facial skin healthy and glowing. It cleanses the pores from inside and makes it dirt free.
  • Then apply a light moisturizer on your face. This is the last step before you start putting makeup on your face. It will help you to have a better final look. Take a moisturizer depending on your skin type and this is a very vital choice. Otherwise, everything can go wrong. Massage it on your face including the lips, nose and eyelids. Leave it for few minutes and then start the actual makeup.
  • Apply foundation which matches your skin tone. Go for a tinted BB cream if you do not have a liquid foundation. Use a compact powder if you have oily skin and dab it more on your jaw bone. Blend the foundation well, when you are applying it at the edge if your face.
  • If you have dark circles under eye, then do not forget to use a concealer. Blend it gently under the eye and it will look brightly automatically. If you need to contour your face, then go for a bronzer or a highlighter.
  • Apply eye shadow only if you are going out in the evening. Try to match lip colour with your complexion and the time (day/night) when you are going out.

To get make up tips in Hindi one can consult magazines or sites.