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Tips For Cracking Jee Mains And Advanced

If you really want to crack both JEE mains and advanced, then it is high time that you start studying for it and don’t waste anymore time. You might get through JEE mains with a little selective studying, but you won’t get a good college and on the other hand JEE advanced is not that easy to crack at all.

If you are really determined to rack these examinations, then go for it with full zeal and determination and you will surely get positive results. There is nothing that hard work and wholehearted commitment cannot beat. So, you must be enough enthusiastic and must keep up your tenacity so that you can crack this examination. If you really believe and put in all the hard work, then nothing can really beat you and you will be able to really do so.

Tremendous hard work can help you in achieving good results, but you will also need a proper routine that can help you in this endeavour. Make sure that you study for at least eight hours every day if you really want to crack JEE advanced. It is not that easy to get into an IIT college in India. Only the best of the best gets this chance. To become one of them you will need to study hard.

Only having an intelligent brain is not enough. Try to give your time to jee advanced sample papers and solve them wholeheartedly. Make some time every day to check the internet on various topics related to your study and you will see that you are able to gain a quite a new amount of information that will eventually help you in your examination. Appear for mock tests and practice tests whenever possible. They are conducted both online and in coaching institutes. Sign up for them frequently so that you are able to judge your progress easily.

The main exam consists of 90 MCQ type questions and you need to be well acquainted with this format. Always study in such a way that the question pattern gets stuck in your head very well. That is why preparing for mock tests helps you in the JEE main examination. The structure of the advanced exam is much tougher, but you will need to practice hard for the advanced exam. Jee advanced sample paper is going to help you in this matter. The advanced exam will have two papers and each paper will

The advanced exam will have two papers and each paper will consists of three sections. The subjects physics, chemistry and mathematics will be given equal importance for both the mains and advanced examination. So, it is very much important that you give equal importance to the three subjects without fail. Start by learning the syllabus well and then start by solving questions regarding the various topics included in the syllabus. Also, solve past years question papers so that you get real time knowledge of what can come and what kind of question you will face. Take the help of the official site for JEE as it contains the best study materials needed for cracking JEE mains and advanced examination.